Arabic Speaking Psychologists

We speak your language. Meet our team of psychologists providing counselling in Arabic.
We speak your language. Meet our team of psychologists providing counselling in Arabic.
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Arabic Language Psychologists

These psychologists are currently available to see new clients and are fluent in Arabic. Take a look at their profiles and then schedule an appointment

Sarah Saddik

Sarah enjoys working with people with all presentations and particularly enjoys working in the areas of trauma, developmental disorders, anxiety, depression and with children and adolescents. Sarah has worked in the academic sector in universities in Tokyo, London, Italy and Turkey.

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Naz Diaa Nassar

Naz is experienced with helping individuals deal with and overcome workplace challenges, stress, and anxiety. Due to his background in organisational psychology, Naz is motivated to helping individuals apply psychological resilience to their workplace and support people achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Mary Osborn

Mary is very keen to equip you with the life skills, social and behavioural skills, cognitive skills using acceptance and mindfulness techniques. This will build your repertoire of tools to better manage life on a day to day basis so that you are leading a more fulfilling and functional lifestyle with confidence.

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Eyleia Saleeb

Eyleia has worked with a broad range of people presenting with different life experiences and problems. Eyleia has worked with children who suffer from internal problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as external issues such as ADHD and ODD.

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