Autism Counselling

Your psychologist can work with you to cope with autism through evidence-based video and telephone counselling.
Your psychologist can work with you to cope with autism through evidence-based video and telephone counselling.

Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is known for often appearing quite early in a child’s development. However, this is not always recognised in early life as the symptoms can vary in severity. For example, one individual may be relatively fluent with their speech and have above average intelligence, whilst another individual with ASD may have difficulties with speech and their ability to learn in school. Therefore, some people enter their adolescent or adult years and suspect that some of their childhood experiences, or even the difficulties they have faced as an adult, may be linked to ASD. On the other hand, they may have received a diagnosis for ASD and some professional support at a young age, but recently feel as though it is bringing rise to other difficulties.


ASD is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects the way individuals relate to people and their environment. Some of the difficulties that you may have noticed throughout your life include:

Struggling to put into words what you want to say

Talking about your hobbies and interests for a long time, until maybe you notice that people walk away or stop responding with interest

Finding it difficult to contribute to a conversation which you don’t want to talk about

Struggling to maintain eye contact, feel physical contact or to use the correct body language

Being told you that you are rude or unfriendly without meaning to be

Finding it difficult to understand other people’s emotions or what they mean when they say certain things

Having a strong interest in a specific thing and spending most of your time and thoughts on this interest

Facing prejudice, bullying or exclusion from your peers

Struggling with any change to your daily routine, and feeling distressed when things unexpectedly change

Wanting to experience independence from your family or carers but not knowing how


If you have experienced some of these things, it does not mean that you have ASD. There are a number of other factors which could be causing you difficulties in social relationships and day-to-day functioning, including certain negative mood states or personality traits.


Your psychologist can help you to identify whether you have symptoms of ASD. If you have already been diagnosed in the past, they can also help you to manage any symptoms that you are currently experiencing. Some approaches they may use include:


Provide you with an understanding of any autism traits and the manner in which these present and may cause difficulties

With a greater understanding of your autism traits, we can support you in managing your behaviour

Provide you with an understanding of possible triggers and methods to manage and reduce your distress

Assist you in recognising emotions and developing emotional regulation strategies

Help you to develop appropriate social and conversational skills to initiate and maintain friendships

Support you in utilising the strategies tailored for you outside of the sessions

Autism Psychologists

Meet the psychologists currently available to see new clients for counselling for autism. 

Simon Coyle

Simon is a qualified primary school teacher as well as a registered psychologist. Simon has a keen interest in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and behaviour and emotional disorders in children. He has a relaxed, easy going nature and likes to provide people with the skills to manage life's challenges.

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Marie Parperis

Marie works with a diverse range of clients, including children, adolescents and adults. She has extensive experience working with people with disabilities, including intellectual disability and Autism. Marie has a keen interest working with people experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem and interpersonal difficulties.

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Michael Raphael

I’m Michael, a general psychologist with extensive experience in evidence-based psychological interventions, including CBT, ACT, and Motivational Interviewing. I look forward to working with you toward your goals.

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Bozena Zawisz

Bozena has an in-depth understanding of women's issues in society and has an interest in anxiety disorders, self-worth concerns, interpersonal and relationship issues, as well as challenges related to parenting Autistic young persons. She is passionate about mindfulness-based interventions and the psychodynamic approach.

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Sanja Cajic

Sanja's approach is positive, warm, explorative, and solution-focused. Sanja has worked with adult clients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, chronic pain, trauma and PTSD, anxiety and depression, stress management, parenting issues, relationship and life transition issues.

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Claire Wood

Claire works with a range of clients across the lifespan, including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Claire has a keen interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is listed as an ACT therapist. She is also interested in Neurodliversity with an emphasis on autism and ADHD. Claire uses a trauma informed approach and uses schema and narrative therapy.

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Jenny Drury

Jenny has been a registered Psychologist since 2005. Jenny’s key areas of interest are stress and health management, mood and anxiety disorders, parenting, managing life transitions, executive functioning and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Simon Green

Hi there. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you to find ways to improve your life circumstances. I strive to provide you with a personalised treatment approach that is supportive, flexible, and non-judgemental.

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Linh Nguyen

I am a strong believer of having a holistic approach and therapeutic relationship with clients. I enjoy working with clients who want to make changes to their behaviours or lifestyles so they can better manage their illnesses or improve their quality of life. I look forward to get to know you and be able to work with you moving forward...

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Michiel Gonzales

I have learned that deep and lasting change is possible, that long-term issues can be resolved, and people can be free of emotional pain they carry by making sense of difficult experiences together, both past and present, and moving towards a place of self-understanding. Michiel works with adults and adolescents using an integrative approach which is based on empathy and...

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Rosa Medina Barron

Rosa strives to help clients to gain greater insight into their lives to understand and overcome their presenting issues, develop their self-confidence and make meaningful changes in their lives. Rosa provides psychological services in both English and Spanish.

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Christine Craig

I’m excited to be able to share your journey and support you as you navigate through these changing times. I believe that we are all unique in how we respond to changes and difficulties that can arise in our lives varies accordingly. I believe that you are the maker of your own destiny and that I, as a psychologist, join...

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Julian Couzins

Julian's professional style is a person-to-person clinical practice focusing on individual needs. He works in a natural and holistic style. Your personal preferences are key to the therapy that you receive. Julian delivers therapy that considers your being in the world so that you can gain positive personal relationships and satisfying personal interactions.

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Angela Stanojevic

Angela has an unwavering dedication to helping those in need overcome challenges in their lives. Her patience, curiosity and understanding allow her to build a therapeutic relationship with her clients. She is a warm and compassionate individual who successfully connects with people to feel heard and understood. Angela approaches therapy from a client-centred perspective, creating a safe and non-judgmental environment...

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Raymond Kuhnell

Hey there, I'm Ray and I am passionate about making a meaningful and empowering change for others. I offer a collaborative, client-centred approach to deeply understand your challenges and experiences, support you in setting your goals, and help you work towards the life you wish to live. I aim to be a caring, approachable, and empathetic psychologist and I create...

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Bilyana Riley

Bilyana's 20 years’ experience is vast, having started my career in nursing before embarking on study to become a Clinical Psychologist. She sees people presenting with a broad spectrum of presentations, including trauma, depressive and anxiety based disorders, workplace bullying, phobias, relationship issues, stress disorders, schizophrenia, self-harm, suicidal behaviour, personality disorders, grief and relationship issues.

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Ariana Kenny

Congratulations in taking the next step to tackling whatever it is that brought you here. I have enjoyed 20 years as a Psychologist working in a number of areas, and the one thing that ties all the people I work with is the desire for more in their lives - because they deserve more. In a judgement free space we...

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Robert Rusanow

Robert has a keen interest in working with people experiencing general anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, difficult life-transitions, and a lacking of meaning in life. Robert aims to support you on your mental health journey by offering a safe, approachable, non-judgemental, respectful, empathic, and appropriately challenging therapeutic environment.

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Sharilee Williams

She has experience working with children, adolescents, older adults and CALD communities. Sharilee has worked extensively with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with other developmental disorders. She has experience with Attentional difficulties in both neurological/biofeedback and behavioural approaches. She has also worked extensively with Anxiety and Mood disorders.

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Chloe Strickland

I am a registered psychologist with over a decade experience across fields such as youth mental health, immigration detention, WorkCover, disability services, in-patient forensic services and corrective services. My goal is to empower my clients to achieve their goals while walking alongside them and guiding them through the process. I utilise a range of modalities and choose the most suitable...

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Jo Clarke

I specialise in helping people to manage difficulties arising from any of their relationships. This could be with a partner, family members, young children or teenagers. In our therapy sessions, I can help you to gain some insight into how and why you , your partner, family or children think, feel and behave. I can provide strategies that will enable...

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Linda Carter

I focus my practice on people’s needs bringing all my life experience and cultural values to assist clients overcome their issues, big or small. I am able to communicate with children, the elderly, people with disabilities to CEO’s. The last few years I have worked in areas of trauma related incidents with individuals, families and law enforcement. My children and...

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Caroline Gaffney

Caroline is very approachable and believes that positive change is sustainable, working holistically and using practical strategies, developing new skills and psychological interventions to achieve the best outcomes for you. She has been the principal psychologist and proprietor of Pure Gold Christian Counselling and Psychological Services for eight years.

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