Does marriage counselling work with a narcissist?

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Dealing with a narcissistic partner can present unique challenges in a marriage. Narcissistic individuals often struggle with empathy, have a sense of entitlement,\ and exhibit manipulative behaviors. If you’re wondering whether marriage counselling can be effective when one partner has narcissistic traits, here’s what you should know:

The Role of a Skilled Therapist

Marriage counselling with a narcissistic partner requires the expertise of a skilled therapist who understands the dynamics of a narcissistic personality. This enables the therapist to have an in-depth understanding of how your relationship is impacted by these complexities and provide considered and professional guidance on how to address specific challenges.

Managing Expectations

Narcissistic individuals may be resistant to change, take criticism poorly, and deflect responsibility. It’s important to set realistic expectations when seeking marriage counselling with a narcissistic partner. The primary focus of counselling will be on managing conflict, improving communication and developing coping strategies, rather than expecting a complete transformation of certain narcissistic traits.

Individual Counselling alongside Marriage Counselling

In some cases individual counselling for the narcissistic partner, alongside marriage counseling, may be recommended. Individual therapy can help the narcissistic partner address their underlying issues, develop self-awareness and learn healthier ways of relating to others. It can complement the work done in marriage counselling and contribute to more positive outcomes for your relationship.

Establishing Boundaries

Working with a therapist, you and your partner can establish clear boundaries within the relationship. Boundaries can help protect your emotional wellbeing and ensure a healthier dynamic. A therapist can guide you in setting and enforcing boundaries that promote mutual respect.

While marriage counselling may not fundamentally change a narcissistic partner, it can still provide valuable tools and strategies for managing the challenges associated with their narcissistic traits. At, our experienced therapists can help you navigate the complexities of a marriage involving a narcissistic partner. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive the support you need.

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