Financial Hardship Counselling

Your psychologist can work with you to overcome your anxiety through evidence-based video and telephone counselling.
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The below psychologists are hand-picked to support people who may be experiencing temporary financial hardship

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Financial Hardship Psychologists

Meet psychologists are currently available to see new clients for counselling for financial hardship. 

Wendy Devine

Hi! I’m Wendy. I’m a dedicated psychologist who loves working with adult clients wishing to improve their mental health. I have been working in psychology since 2012. I take a client centred approach, and work with a range of evidence-based approaches individually tailored to suit to your preference and needs. I have lived most of my life in remote, rural...

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Rosara Squirchuk

Rosara has a keen interest in working with children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma including PTSD and adjustment disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, gambling and other addictive behaviours, alcohol misuse, work/personal stress and domestic violence survivors.

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Melissa Boulind

Melissa has extensive experience in working with teen conflicts including peer conflicts, relationships, exam stress and fitting in. In addition to that she has an interest in PTSD and trauma, poor health, covid-related adjustment and loss, HIV and cancer. Melissa can provide support for LBGTQ conflicts including coming out.

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Margaret Carey

I am looking forward to working with you to help you live the life you want to live. Negotiating life's many hurdles can get a bit tricky from time to time. Learning to deal with these challenges can be life changing. When working with me, you will identify the distressful elements that are stopping you from living the life you...

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Lee-Anne Organ

I believe all humans share the experience of suffering and that it can be helpful to seek out professional help when this suffering becomes overwhelming. I think every person will benefit from different experiences in therapy and that its really important to work with someone who sees you as a person who is unique.

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Jia Yee Ho

First of all, I believe that it takes a great amount of courage to seek help and want to speak to someone. Hence as a practitioner, I do not take this lightly and would want to give every person the best possible opportunity to grow and manage their life challenges. Every individual comes with different life experiences and knowledge and...

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Audrey Fletcher

It is very exciting when people take the first step to being proactive in their mental health and it makes me happy that mental health is becoming a topic we can talk freely about. I am excited to learn more about you and work together on how we can begin to create the life you want for yourself.

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Rachel Sheather

Rachel has 20 years experience working as a Psychologist and uses a holistic method to understand each person and their individual background, situation and needs. She enjoys helping people to better understand their own behaviour patterns and world view perspectives.

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James Minson

James' approach to mental health is about mind-body integration and looking at the “whole person”. Mental health influences how we feel, think and move, how we communicate and relate to the world, and can seriously impact our physical health. James will hep make sense of how this all fits together, to explore unhelpful thoughts and behaviour, and identify different options.

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Louis van der Bank

Louis has experience working with adults and young people aged 16+. Louis has a keen interest in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and bereavement, trauma and PTSD, bipolar disorder, dealing with anger, stress management, drug and alcohol issues, and managing health and lifestyle.

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David Pyman

David has had 15 years of experience as a Psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults. He has experience working with educational needs, with a particular focus on life long education, differential diagnosis, understanding giftedness and managing neural diversity. David has also worked extensively with people experiencing anxiety, depression, issues of self worth and attachment concerns.

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Hayley Riddle

Hello and welcome! I’m really looking forward to meeting you and supporting you through whatever difficulties you’re experiencing in your life. I understand it can be hard to make the first step to speak to someone, so well done for taking this brave step. My approach is warm, compassionate, non-judgemental and down to earth. I believe it’s so important to...

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Velimir Kolundzic

Velimir has significant experience in assessing and treating common psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, anger, bullying, low self-confidence, lack of communication skills or problem solving skills, sleep difficulties, loneliness and social isolation. Expect warmth and empathy in a friendly and kind atmosphere. His approach is to advise, inform, and support you in any way that is appropriate...

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Jeanette McLean

Jeanette has 27 years of experience as a psychologist. She has worked in private practice, as an Employee Assistance Provider (both internal and external) and as a teacher of counselling in a private counselling college. Jeanette has gained a lot of expertise working in many areas of psychopathology over the years and continues to enjoy ongoing professional development, offering a...

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