Here's a Thought

Therapy is a safe place where you can offload all the stuff that’s holding you back.

You know how, over time, computers get cluttered and slow down with old files, a bizillion emails, photographs and dis-used programs? The build-up happens gradually, until the computer becomes sluggish, struggles to perform or even crashes completely. 


From time to time, the same thing happens to us mere mortals, except it’s the complex and sometimes tricky  computer at the top of our neck. 


Worries about the future, stuff we haven’t processed from our past or intrusive and unhelpful thoughts etc;  they all have a tendency to get in the way of living our best life. Therapy can help you defrag, reboot or even install fresh software; it’s still you,  perhaps just a little lighter with a faster processing speed. 


Allow to help you find answers, provide tools, gain insights and be a better you.  

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