NDIS Psychology

Get access to a someone.health psychologist through the NDIS.
Get access to a someone.health psychologist through the NDIS.

Improve your mental health

The NDIS was created to assist people with a disability in their daily lives, and in turn ease the pressure that family members can often experience in trying to provide enough support to their loved one’s. It’s support that is tailored to an individuals needs, preferences and aspirations. Services are fully funded by the Australian Government. 


Our NDIS psychologists are experienced in providing therapy under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), for Self Managed and Plan Managed individuals. We are passionate about helping participants achieve their NDIS goals so that you are able to live a more enriched and fulfilled life.


To get started you’ll need to submit a Service Agreement request online. 

You’ll need the following info handy: 

Participant contact details

Preferred frequency and number of sessions

Emergency contact person

Carer/Case Manager contact details (optional)

Plan Manager contact details (optional)

GP Mental Health Care Plan - Someone Health

Am I eligible for NDIS funded psychology?

If you meet the following criteria we can help you connect with a telehealth psychologist:

I’m a current NDIS participant with an active plan 

I have access to Improved Daily Living which falls under the Capacity Building funding category

I am able to join a video or phone call to connect with my psychologist

I’m over 8 years of age

What to expect from here

We make scheduling an appointment with one of our NDIS psychologists easy. 

Mental health counselling - Someone Health

Step One: Service Agreement

Submit a request for a Service Agreement. This provides you with a transparent guide to receiving support from someone.health.

Step Two: Choose your psychologist

Select from our team of NDIS psychologists who you'd like to see - or just select to see the next available NDIS psychologist. 

Borderline Personality Disorder - Someone Health
GP Mental Health Care Plan - Someone Health

Step Three: Find a Time

Choose a time that works best for you. There are appointments available 7 days a week and you can often book appointments for tomorrow.

Step Four: Attend Your Appointment

You'll receive email & SMS updates about your appointment. Just follow the link provided at the time of your appointment to meet your psychologist. 

Meet our NDIS Psychologists

Malini Selvamahesan

Malini is experienced working with a wide range of clients, including diverse cultures, children, adolescents and adults. She has extensive experience working with people with disabilities, including intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Malini has a keen interest in working with people experiencing anxiety, OCD, mood disorders and self-esteem difficulties.

Michelle Scott

Michelle enjoys helping people to deal with life challenges and developmental problems to optimise psychological well-being. Her approach is to work together with clients to process feelings and to develop self insight and understanding. This aims to alleviate distress as well as to provide different ways of thinking, being and relating to the self and others.

Xiaoping Zhu

The goal of Xiaoping’s counselling is to assist you to be powered with a series of healthy concepts about your life as well as equipped with a bunch of abilities for all of life’s challenges. With Xiaoping’s counselling, his clients are led to have more awareness about themselves, more confidence to face their challenges and more skills to find solutions.

Teresa Caruso

Teresa’s approach is compassionate, open-minded, and collaborative – she employs various strategies and techniques that will best suit you as an individual. Teresa has broad experience with a range of difficulties including anxiety, OCD, depression, LGBTQ concerns, PTSD, addiction, ADHD, NDIS, eating disorders, grief and loss, stress & anger management, violence or family trauma, personality disorders, career & couples counselling.

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