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Our psychological health is not just a priority when we are unwell; it is just as important to maintain and promote wellness in abundant times. Courtney operates from a place that views psychological health as existing on a broad spectrum; it is not a categorical concept and the work I do with her clients’ reflects this. 


When working together, we make a collaborative assessment of where things are at for you and we develop a plan for what you  might need and how to proceed. 


We engage in recovery focused psychological intervention with definite start/conclusion points discussed and agreed upon, and with clear goals. This process can be supportive in nature if you need a place to speak to someone about or cope with current and/or recent psychosocial stressors or symptoms of mood disturbances. It is actively health promoting with the view to open expressive pathways and metabolise experiences related to impactful life experiences.


Here you will be positioned and supported to build resilience, generate insights into relevant psychodynamic relational patterns or risk factors, receive appropriate psychoeducation, and restore your wellbeing and coping to desired levels.

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Courtney's ready to help you improve your mental health.

Academic Credentials

Courtney's approach is best described as integrative; her therapeutic style draws from many therapeutic modalities and concepts as appropriate to your needs. These include psychodynamic, relational, somatic experiencing, narrative, acceptance, attachment theory, self psychology, depth, psychoeducation, and mentalisation based.

Courtney is registered as a Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) since 2013. Across her earlier career, she gained experience across a broad spectrum of clinical practice, including community forensic and correctional, health and hospital, court and legal, NGO, and private practice settings. She has been providing clinical services in private practice since 2018 and offers general mental health and wellbeing services in addition to evidence based psychospiritual support services. She maintains regular supervision practice, professional development activities, and professional relationships with a range of health professionals including complimentary medicine.

Counselling Experience

Courtney is best situated to assist with the following areas: Intimacy issues and relationship dynamics, depression, generalised and social anxiety, metabolising challenging life experiences and transitions, grief and loss, self esteem and identity, adjustment concerns, traumatic experiences, existential concerns, wellbeing and resilience, family and parenting issues, somatic and nervous system regulation, emotional regulation and coping, stress and perfectionism, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and developing insight and reflective functioning.

Courtney is sensitive to contextual and generational forces and how they shape individual experiences and psychology (micro and macro factors) across the lifespan. I often work with adults who seek meaningful development of their identity, purpose, and resilience in a challenging and constrained system.

Areas of experience

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