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Hi, I'm Kristy 👋

Deciding to see a Psychologist is a big step, so congratulations for coming this far. Once you choose a therapist, stepping into a their virtual therapy room is the next big step, and for many people this can feel overwhelming.  A big part of my job is to help you feel comfortable and safe. All you have to do is take that step, show up and be yourself.

I’ll explain how I work, and once I get to know a little about you, we can come up with a plan together for what you would like to be different in your world. Then we’ll work as a team, kind of like a coach and an athlete, to help you reach your goals. I’m an expert on the human brain, mental health and relationships, and you are an expert on you. If we work together, we’ll combine our expertise and start the journey to a happier and healthier you.

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Kristy's ready to help you improve your mental health.

Academic Credentials

Dr Kristy completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Psychology at the University of Western Australia in 1998. She was awarded a National Postgraduate Award Scholarship and went on to complete her Masters in Clinical Psychology and PhD at the University of Western Australia.

Whist completing her PhD in the treatment of anxiety, she won the International Millennial Sciences Prize for her research. Dr Kristy has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Murdoch University, as a Clinical Psychologist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and is the co-founder of the Morrison House Psychology Clinic. She is trained in numerous evidence-based approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and schema therapy

Counselling Experience

Dr Kristy has over 23 years clinical experience working in private practice, academic and government settings.

Throughout her career, she has worked with a diverse range of adults, adolescents, children and families, with issues including anxiety disorders (e.g., PTSD, OCD, Panic Disorder), depression, post natal depression and anxiety, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, childhood behavioural problems, parenting difficulties, relationship problems, and low self-esteem.

Areas of experience

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