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Hi, I'm Susanne 👋

I am committed to helping my clients discover their unique strengths to overcome the challenges they may face in their life journey.   I value everyone of my clients as a special person, working with them to achieve the personal  goals they want to develop through counselling.
I draw on my wide reading in memoir, literature fiction, sociology, psychology, social history , across cultures to inform my empathy and understanding of people from all walks of life and backgrounds.  But my clients are my best teachers about the infinite  and precious variety of how human beings navigate their difficulties.  My work is to offer evidence based skills that improve well-being, to help change  old habits perhaps learned in childhood to survive distress and trauma,. 

I may offer the possibility of different perspectives that might resonate with a client about  present and past events  that can free individuals from being trapped in negative self-judgments, suffering intense painful emotions,  or carrying the heavy load of resentment and bitterness about unresolved injustices. I feel privileged to travel a little way with a client as they discover their personal attributes and values  that enrich their relationships, increase confidence in their worth as a human being regardless of values that may have been imposed upon them by society, family, or marketing  and media tropes on how to be happy .   

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Susanne's ready to help you improve your mental health.

Academic Credentials

Susanne completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada in 1971. She majored in History and English, French and Spanish Literature and Language. Susanne, after years of experience teaching t in secondary colleges, setting up vocational education programs and supporting ESL students and those with learning difficulties, completed a Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences (Counselling) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of New England in 1994 and is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS).

Susanne is trained in Educational /Psychological Assessment) , Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy

Counselling Experience

Susanne has worked with a wide range of clients, including children and their parents, adolescents and adults of all ages in schools and in private practice.

I have extensive experience treating trauma, anxiety and depression , workplace issues and take a holistic approach to managing mental health. I use a variety of resources to share with clients , that may be on paper, reading or on-line talks and visuals suited to the client.

Areas of experience

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