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Hi, I'm Xiaoping 👋

I consider a counselling session as more likely a conversation in between two persons who can be equally respected, trusted, and affected. Relying on the strong rapport with my clients, we would be able to work together with their issues of areas (either to be corrected or to be developed) with a holistic health model (BMS) about body, mind, and spiritual. 


With my counselling, my clients can be led to have more awareness about themselves, more confident to face their challenges, and more skilful to reach to solutions.  

The style or core concept embedded into my sessions is that the attitude rather than the techniques would be much more focused on. Therefore, the basic goal of my counselling is to assist clients to be powered with a series of healthy concepts about their life as well as equipped with a bunch of their abilities for all the life challenges.

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Xiaoping's ready to help you improve your mental health.

Academic Credentials

Xiaoping is a highly skilled psychologist with nearly 25 years of professional counselling experience, a Member with the Australian Psychological Society, the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, and registered with AHPRA.

Xiaoping obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and PhD in Applied Psychology. His counselling uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy as main approaches.

Counselling Experience

Xiaoping has been working in personal mental health in both corporate sector and his own private practice since his turning from academic research to counselling practice in 1995.

He has passion in helping adults, adolescents and children, families and couples, community and workplace etc. with a wide range of psychological issues.

Areas of experience

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